A Therapeutic Touch is a mobile massage service pro care to people in all stages of their lives in all different levels of health. Our goal is to provide a profesional and quality treatment to you without you having to even take off your pyjamas.

Our Philosophy

​​As registered massage therapists and sports massage therapists, our philosophy is to provide you the very best treatment possible to keep you at your top performance. Whether you are coming for rehabilitation or to reduce stress we would like to provide efficient professional service for your best care.
Avoid long travels, traffic, and the stress of sharing cars or taking the bus. We will come to you! If you have an injury making it difficult to travel or just don't want to leave the house, we take our professional and reliable service to you home, work place or event.
Our team offers massage treatments at sporting events from house games to professional  competitions.Our team has participated in many types of events such as boxing, fencing and horseback riding.

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment can be made my email, text message or over the phone with our therapists.

The therapist will arrive at your location with all the necessary documentation, tables, linens and any other needed material for treatment. You then will be given your health history to fill out for therapist records and therapist will go over necessary orthopedic testing and ask questions to ensure you receive the best treatment.

You will then have oppotunity to tell any additional information or concerns you have before starting your treatment. After your treatment the therapist will provide you with a receipt for your benefits and book your next appointment.

We treat all ages and levels of health and treaments vary from decreasing stress to long term rehabilitation.

Our Experience

PAN AM fencing medical team 2015 with one of our own therapist Stephanie Bacon RMT, SMT(CC)

We have worked in events such as:
  • FIFA Women's U-20 championship
  • the PAN AM games
  • Boxing events
  • Equestrian events,
  • Fencing events,
  • Swimming
  • Soccer matches
  • & many more.
We are trained in sports first responder on field medical and have worked many events with first aid doping and boarding. 
We are always looking forward to working with new sports to broaden our knowledge and experience.
We also work with many people who have trouble with mobility's and have no problem making it our goal to accommodate them to our very best abilities !